• Closing the gender pay gap and achieving pay equity for women
  • Achieving financial security for women 
  • Creating a life free from violence for women in New Zealand 


  • Increased importance of knowing how to work with Government to get policy, law and funding outcomes 
  • Increased importance of knowing how to work with regulators 
  • Heightened focus on vulnerable customers and staff and good conduct 
  • Ability to adapt becomes a superpower 





  • Bringing your whole self to the role and maximising the attributes to achieve your best  
  • Developing the necessary mindset on what it takes to achieve success in your career  
  • Focusing on continued growth and excellence in the role


  • Strategies for adapting to remote working and collaborating effectively with your team 
  • Tools for maintaining connections with the executive team and broader business while working remotely 
  • Understanding the evolving role of a remote executive assistant and how to proactively support your executive


  • How to communicate effectively across the organisation on behalf of your Executive 
  • How to gain respect and influence across the business 
  • Tools for building trust, getting your voice heard, improving assertiveness and gaining respect


  • Convincing your manager to invest in your development 
  • Moving past the perceived limitations of an executive assistant role 
  • Creating your own opportunities for growth and development






  • Moving beyond traditional tasks into a higher-level, strategic role 
  • Developing the knowledge and confidence to make decisions on behalf of your manager 
  • Building influence within your organisation



  • Understanding the role you can play in assisting your organisation in achieving its business goals 
  • Feel more empowered within the business, more confident to take calculated risks, learn to be an agile and invaluable asset
  • How to remain positive and resilient 



Vicky Evans, Facilitator, Coaching Solutions Ltd 

For over 15 years Vicky worked with organisations and individuals, helping them reach their corporate and personal development goals. Longing for an answer to the question, “there must be more to life than this” plus a greater connection with nature led her to give up her corporate life and move to New Zealand after the birth of her two children, Daniel who is now 11 and Sofia who is 10. Loving life as a full-time mum and looking for more challenge, Vicky originally trained as a Fitness Instructor (yoga and pilates) and Health coach.  
Vicky is a passionate advocate of the mantra, “you are your own highest authority and YES you CAN change your life!” A deep desire to make more of a contribution in her life led her to a career as a Life Coach with the Life Mastery Institute. Mary Morrissey, founder of the Life Mastery Institute trained with Wayne Dyer (the Secret).  
Vicky is qualified as an Advanced Life Mastery and Success Coach. Vicky splits her time between speaking events and coaching individuals, small groups and teams online or in person. Vicky is inspired by working internationally, helping clients to follow their dreams, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives. Vicky also enjoys Facilitating, running Workplace wellbeing programs and Workshops for Executives, Managers, Professionals and teams. People who want to ‘step up’ in one or more aspect of their personal or professional lives. She helps participants to create a blueprint for the future and then take action steps towards making it a reality. 


SESSION 1: 9:00-10:00 
Identify and grow your inner coach and manage your inner critic 
  • Self-awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management 
  • How growing your emotional intelligence (EI) can help you get noticed 
  • EI in Leadership roles, and ‘coaching’ you (or your team) on softer, more human skills 
  • Exercise, what are my triggers, how can I manage my emotional responses better 
SESSION 2: 10:00-11:00 
Learn the right strategies to overcome your self-limiting beliefs 
  • Brene Brown’s theory on the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves and overcoming them 
  • Identifying our self-limiting beliefs 
  • Developing empowering beliefs 
  • Exercise, when to use my empowering beliefs (silently) and when and how to use them in action (in meetings, in a crisis, during challenges) 
11:00-11:30 Morning Break 
SESSION 3: 11:30-12:30 
Big picture thinking and ‘speaking up’ when it matters 
  • How to be an observer and not get caught up in the gossip, drama and blame 
  • Seeing things from another or multiple viewpoints 
  • Strategies to help you feel braver and more confident (on stage or in discussions) 
  • Exercise: identify your key stakeholders/influencers and timetable contracting them. Think about what their objections may be to a proposal and think from their perspective 
12:30-1:30 Networking Lunch 
SESSION 4: 1:30-2:30 
Developing leadership skills that increase your influence 
  • Engaging key stakeholders so they are on your side before you ask 
  • Objection handling, active listening, reflecting back 
  • Employing EI and leading by example 
  • Exercise: using stakeholders identified in the last exercise, discuss leadership skills you can employ to create more successful outcomes. (Optional) role play. 
2:30-3:00 Afternoon Break 
SESSION 5: 3:00-4:30 
Evaluate what drives Executives to invest in their EA community (Professional Development, networking, influencing) 
  • Exercise, Discussion on our experiences and challenges when asking for budget for Professional Development/networking 
  • Strategies for success, driving my career my way 
  • How can I add more value, become indispensable 
  • Making a business case for my own Professional Development. Tips and tricks to help you! 
Closing Session: 4:30-5:00 
Open Discussion on key learnings and action planning 
5:00 End of Workshop